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Apple Card Statement Imports
Apple Card Statement Imports

Steps to import your Apple Card data into Copilot.

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Copilot allows you to import your Apple Card statements to track your account balance and categorize your transactions.

Apple Card Statement Import from Wallet

  • Open the Wallet app, select your Apple Card, and then tap on the Card Balance to open the Balance Details.

  • Scroll down to the Statements section, select a statement, tap Export Transactions and then select the CSV file format.

  • The CSV statement will open in a new window. Tap on the Share icon in the upper right-hand corner to open the Share Sheet and select Copilot.

  • The Copilot window will open where you can select your existing Apple Card or Add a New Apple Card. Select Continue to import your transactions.

  • The Statement Import view will open so you can review your transactions. If the statements have any transaction overlap or if you have been manually logging transactions, then we will ask you to review new transactions to identify and remove duplicates.

  • After reviewing the transactions, select Keep Selected to finish importing the statement transactions. Then set the Ending Balance for that month.

  • Tap on the Card Balance and scroll down to the Statements section to see each month's ending balance.

  • Please note that you must enter the ending balance after importing each monthly statement in order to maintain an accurate balance history.

  • Once you have imported all monthly statements and set the ending balances, then you will see your Balance History and Statements in the Apple Card Account view.

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