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FTX US API Key Instructions
FTX US API Key Instructions

Steps for connecting your FTX US account with an API Key.

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Copilot now allows you to connect your FTX US account with an API key.

DISCLAIMER: The FTX US website screenshots below may become outdated, but the general instructions for creating a read-only API Key should not change substantially. Please contact FTX US Support if you have any questions about API Key Creation.

API Key Creation

  • Login to your FTX US account on your desktop or mobile web browser.

  • Open the menu in the upper right corner, select the Account dropdown and then select API.

  • Scroll down and select Create Read-Only API Key.

    • DO NOT select the Create API Key option. Copilot only requires read access. For your security and the integrity of your FTX US account, BE SURE NOT TO select Create API Key.

  • Copy and save your API Secret in a secure location. The API Secret will not be available to view again.

Account Connection

  • To connect your FTX US account, select add > next to the Investments section of the Accounts tab, then Link an institution and More Crypto Exchanges. Select FTX US and Continue.

  • Acknowledge that you have followed the read-only API key instructions in this article.

  • Then enter the new read-only API Key and Secret to connect FTX US.

Please note: If you have holdings in FTX US's Earn program, you will see a separate account with Earn holdings.

👋 Still have questions? Contact us via the in-app chat.

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