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Historical Transaction Data
Historical Transaction Data

Why we request historical transactions for your accounts during onboarding

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To use Copilot, you need to link at least one bank account. The app uses your existing transactions in order to:

  • Suggest spending categories that make sense for you

  • Suggest budgets based on your spending patterns

  • Identify and track your income transactions

  • Automatically detect your recurring payments

The app needs to receive the historical transaction data from your financial institutions before it can proceed. Most institutions provide one to two years of data; however, some provide less historical data. This process typically takes less than a few minutes, but sometimes we might need to wait a few hours.
​If you are encountering an extended delay in receiving the historic data, please contact the Copilot team via the in-app chat for support.

πŸ‘‹ Still have questions? Contact us via the in-app chat.

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