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Tracking real estate with Copilot

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With Copilot, you can add owned properties to track estimated value and connect a mortgage account for a home equity value (property estimate - mortgage balance = home equity).

Adding Property in Copilot

To add property in Copilot, tap add in the Real Estate section at bottom of the Accounts tab in the iOS app or tap the + located at the top of the Accounts tab in the Mac app.

After selecting Connect a property, you'll be presented with the option to select one of three data sources for tracking. After selecting, you'll be prompted with the necessary steps for that data source to create the real estate account.

Linking a Mortgage to a Property

You can link a mortgage to a property at any time. The first opportunity to link a mortgage account is while linking your property in Copilot.

Tap None > to link a Mortgage. Then, select the related mortgage from your existing loan accounts, or tap + Add New Mortgage to create a manual mortgage account or link a mortgage account via Plaid.

After selecting a mortgage account to link to your property, enter your origination date (date mortgage takes affect) and the amount borrowed on that date.

Viewing Your Home Equity

After connecting a property and linking the mortgage account, you'll be able to view a home equity by tapping either the Real Estate account or linked Mortgage account in the Accounts tab.

Real Estate accounts are considered investment accounts, so home equity will be visible on the Investments tab under Home Equity and as part of the investment allocation.

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