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Budget Rollovers

Enable budget rollovers to track spending across multiple months.

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Rollovers carry your remaining budget balance from one month to the next month to help you track fluctuating spend across multiple months.

Enabling Rollovers

To turn on Rollovers, enable in the Settings and select the First month with a rollover. For example, if the Rollovers start date is February 2022, then the remaining balance from January 2022 will rollover to February.ย 

With Rollovers are enabled, the remaining spend or over spend from one month will carry over to the next month. For example, the overspend in April carried over to May.

With Rollovers, you can use the same budget for all months or edit budgets month to month to impact the Rollover amount. Learn more about editing budgets by month here.

Disabling Rollovers

You can also disable Rollovers for certain categories. For example, if your Internet bill is a fixed amount each month, you do not need to rollover the remaining balance.ย 

A category budget with Rollovers disabled will only change if budgets are edited month to month. For example, this category was around $37 under budget in May.

Disabling Rollovers for all categories via the Settings toggle will revert your budgets to monthly budgets with no leftover spend or over spend rollovers.

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