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How to disable budgeting for spending tracking.

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The Optional Budget feature allows you to disable budgeting from spending tracking.

To enable optional budgeting, tap on the gear icon in the top left-hand corner of the Copilot view, then scroll down to the section entitled Budgeting. You can disable optional budgeting at any time. Disabling optional budgeting will revert your account back to the budgets you set before enabling this feature.

Instead of measuring monthly spend against a set budget, Copilot will compare this month's spending to last month in the Dashboard chart.

The top value is the amount you've spent this month, including any future recurring payments that are expected to be paid out. Below it you see how much you spent last month.

The dotted line represents what you spent last month, spread evenly to represent an ideal spending rate. This charted line represents your spending rate throughout the month, and the number on the charted line tells you if you're on target to spend more or less than last month, if the month were to end today.

In the Categories tab, Copilot will compare your overall spending and category spending to last month. The option to rebalance budgets is removed from the Categories tab, as there are no budgets to rebalance in this mode.

Excluded categories function the same with and without budgets enabled. Spending in excluded categories will not be included in the total spending.

The Category view will not include a budget line.

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