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Live Balance Estimates
Live Balance Estimates
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For most accounts, we receive an update from each institution with your account balance and holdings once a day. This happens the morning after the market closes. This means we receive updates once a day from Tuesday through Saturday. Note that any bank holidays will cause a delay in data refreshes.

Live Balance Estimates

In order to improve the experience of keeping track of your investments, we created the option to turn on Live Estimates for your balances. We combine near real-time market data with the once-a-day update we receive from your institutions to show you how your holdings are performing today.


You have a Robinhood account connected, with a balance of $100 and two holdings:
- $70 worth of Apple stock (0.47 shares)
- $30 worth of Dogecoin (94 coins).

During the day, the price of Apple’s stock increases from $148.61 to $163.47, a 10% increase. Dogecoin also goes up in value, but by 20% to $0.38.

Copilot’s live balance estimate will be:

(0.47 * 163.47) + (94 * 0.38) = $112.55.

Please note that since we receive only one update a day from your institutions, the live estimate will be obsolete if you make a trade during the day. We’ll try to improve this in the future by allowing you to tell Copilot when this happens.

These estimates are never stored in your balance history.


  • Why is my Live Balance Estimate not completely accurate?

We need to receive the correct holdings information from your institutions in order to provide an accurate estimate. If you’re seeing an estimate that doesn’t make sense please turn off this feature for that account and contact us through the app. We’ll try to troubleshoot the data quality problem with our providers.

  • Why is this feature not available for some of my accounts?

In order to prevent an incorrect estimate, we do a sanity check once a day based on the information we receive from your institutions. If this feature is off for one or more of your accounts, that means we’re not receiving the correct information for it. Please contact us and let us know the holdings information you should be seeing in Copilot.

👋 Still have questions? Contact us via the in-app chat.

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