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Amazon Integration
Amazon Integration

Our Amazon integration matches your orders with transactions from your linked bank account.

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Copilot allows you to connect your Amazon account to see an itemized view of your Amazon transactions for easy categorization by item.

  • You can connect one Amazon account per device. Because the integration is device specific, you only need to maintain the Amazon connection on one device to see your Amazon orders in Copilot.

  • Amazon orders will match with a transaction if the order amount matches and the order and transaction dates are within 2 days of each other. If the transaction does not match to an order based on these criteria, you can select a transaction to match to the order in Settings > Copilot Labs > Amazon.

Connecting & Importing Amazon Order History

  • In the Settings menu, select Amazon from the Copilot Labs section, and login with your Amazon account. You can connect one Amazon account per device.

  • When you first login, we will import your most recent, itemized Amazon orders (last five orders).

    • At the moment, we are not able to backfill your Amazon order history.

    • The integration does not currently support Amazon Fresh, Amazon Digital or Whole Foods Market grocery orders. We will be adding this support in the future.

  • We will automatically attempt to match future Amazon orders as we receive new transactions.

  • Note that you will need to reconnect your Amazon account every few weeks. You will receive a reverification alert on your Dashboard under To Review.

  • If you select Not Now, then you can also Reverify from the Settings menu.

  • You can always force a refresh of your order history by tapping the refresh button in the upper right corner.

  • If you ever want to unlink your Amazon account, then select the menu icon in the upper right corner to unlink.

Matching Amazon Orders to Transactions

  • After you import your Amazon order history, you can match transactions from your bank accounts to each order that Copilot was unable to match.

  • Select Assign to a Transaction and locate the corresponding transaction from the list of recent Amazon transactions.

  • After you assign an order to the corresponding transaction, you can update the category and split the purchase, if necessary.

  • Note that the transaction date may differ from the order date, depending on when Amazon processed the purchase. For example, this Subscribe & Save Order is dated August 23, 2021 in the Amazon order history, but the transaction was processed on August 27, 2021 when the order shipped.

  • If you have orders on your Amazon account for purchases made with an unlinked bank account, then you will have some orders without matching transactions. For example, this order was purchased with a company card that is not linked to the Copilot account.

  • If you use credit card rewards for the entire purchase amount, then the order will look like this.

  • Your order history also includes any discounts applied to purchases.

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