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Adding Connected Accounts
Adding Connected Accounts

How to create a new connection, add new accounts to an existing connection, or connect a second set of credentials with the same institution

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Copilot works with multiple data aggregators and sources to do our best to allow you to see all your data in one place. In addition to connecting accounts for automatic updates, you can create manual accounts and manual holding accounts.

Creating New Connections

In the iOS app, tap add > across from the appropriate account type section in the Accounts tab to add a new account.

In the Mac app, tap the + button next to Accounts in the header.

If you don't see all of your financial institutions supported in the Plaid search or are unable to connect to the Plaid option, you can follow the steps below to search our additional aggregators, for additional connection options:

  • Tap add > in the Accounts tab next to the main type of account you have with the institution

  • Tap Link an institution, then re-select the main type of account you have with the institution

  • Tap Not on Plaid? Try other ways to connect

  • Search for your institution (we recommend searching by the institution's name, or the URL you use to login to the account on a web browser)

If you're unable to find your institution in this search, or run into issues connecting to all available integrations for your financial institution, please contact the Copilot team via the in-app chat.

Adding a New Account to an Existing Connection

If you open a new account with an institution you already bank with, you might need to grant permission to share the new account data with Copilot. Please follow the steps below to re-verify your existing connection.

You can reverify your connection and add permission for the new account(s) to be surfaced in Copilot by tapping on any account in the Accounts tab that is associated with the same set of credentials as the new card.

Then, tap on the menu button in the top right corner of the account view, and tapping ‘Reverify credentials.’

Please make sure to leave the boxes checked for all accounts already linked in Copilot so that we continue to receive updates for those accounts.

Connecting Another Set of Credentials with the Same Institution

If you are sharing your account with a partner, or simply have more than one set of credentials for the same institution, you will need to create one connection per set of credentials for that institution.

We share the following informational pop-up with you when you attempt to connect to an institution you already have a connection with to help prevent users from attempting to troubleshoot by re-adding an account and accidentally creating duplicate accounts.

If you are creating a new connection for a different set of credentials, you can simply tap Link a new account to continue.

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