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Adding Connected Accounts
Adding Connected Accounts
How to create a new connection or add a new account to an existing connection
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Copilot works with multiple data aggregators and sources to do our best to allow you to see all your data in one place.

In addition to connecting accounts for automatic updates, you can create manual accounts and manual holding accounts.

Create New Connection

In the iOS app, tap add > across from the appropriate account type section in the Accounts tab to add a new account.

In the Mac app, tap the + button next to Accounts in the header.

If your institution is not supported or you are experiencing connectivity or data issues, please contact our team via the in-app chat.

Add New Account to Existing Connection

For some integrations, new accounts will surface automatically within a few business days of being opened. If it does not surface automatically, you may need to reverify the connection to add it.

To add a new account to an existing connection, please tap on one of the accounts associated with the existing connection (for example, a Chase credit card associated with the same set of credentials as a newly opened Chase credit card).

Then, tap on the menu icon (three dots) in the top right-hand corner of the Account detail view and select the "Reverify credentials" option to reverify and check the box for the new account(s) you'd like to surface in Copilot.

Please make sure to leave the boxes checked for all accounts already linked in Copilot so that we continue to receive updates for those accounts.

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