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Optimize Recurrings
Optimize Recurrings

Tips for optimizing your recurring filter settings.

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Adjust the Date or Date Range 

  • Recurring transactions may be posted on a specific day or in a date range.

  • You can set a specific date by selecting a one day of the month.

  •  You can also set a date range by selecting multiple days.

Partial Transaction Name Matching Rules

  • Recurring transactions may be posted under a specific name or a customized name. For example, a monthly gas bill may be posted as GasBill072020, GasBill082020, etc.

  • You can update the recurring filter settings with a partial transaction name matching rule by tapping on the transaction name in the filter setting to edit. This setting will capture the unique name in your recurring schedule. 

  • For example, "Transactions named GasBill from $50 to $60 around the 25th every month".

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