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Shared Recurring Expenses
Shared Recurring Expenses

Steps to handle reimbursements for shared recurring expenses.

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Copilot does not currently support automated transaction splitting for shared recurring expenses; however, this functionality is on our list of future feature implementations.

In the meantime, we suggest the following steps to handle reimbursements for shared recurring expenses.

  • Create two monthly Recurrings under the same Category (ex. Rent).

    • One Recurring for the full payment amount (ex. Total Rent).

    • Second Recurring for the reimbursed credit amount (ex. Rent Credit).

      Note: the credit transactions may initially be categorized as Income or an Internal Transfer, so you may need to update to Regular transactions first.

  • Your Rent category budget should be set to the amount you pay, so that it will reflect your actual monthly spend.

    • Original Budget

    • Updated Budget

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