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Dashboard Tab Overview
Dashboard Tab Overview

Information about the Dashboard tab

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Dashboard Graph

The top of the Dashboard tab features a graph with spending progress for the month. At the top of this graph is the Free to Spend value. This is the amount of money that can still be spent without going over budget for the month. Any recurring transactions expected to post in the current month are not included in the chart.

The dotted line on this graph represents the ideal spending rate to stay within the current monthly budget.

The solid line on this graph represents your spending rate throughout the month. The point at the end of the line reflects your current progress as of today compared to your ideal spending target.

Note: Large transactions like rent or mortgage payments at the beginning of the month can cause the spending rate to spike. Creating Recurrings for these transactions will remove spikes because they are not included in the spending graph.

To Review

The To Review section of the Dashboard displays all new transactions that have been imported but have not been marked as reviewed by you. If all transactions listed here are correctly categorized and named, you can tap MARK AS REVIEWED and they will be dismissed.

To make edits to these transactions, tap on a transaction in the list, make any necessary changes, and then tap save. Tapping view all > will take you to the Transactions tab.


The Budgets section of the Dashboard provides a snapshot of your trending budget categories and how much you have left to spend in these categories. Tapping view all > will take you to the Categories tab.


The Upcoming section of the Dashboard displays upcoming expected recurrings. You can horizontally scroll through this list to see future recurring transactions. Tapping view all > will take you to the Recurring tab.


The Income section of the Dashboard displays income for the month and compares it to the previous month. Tapping on the Income graph allows you to view your cash flow for the previous 12 months.

The toggle at the top of this view allows you to see historic income or net change. Tapping view all > will take you to the Transactions tab filtered to show income transactions.

Free Months

The Free Months section of the Dashboard features a unique referral code that can be shared with others to give them an extended free trial. This section also shows progress towards earning free months of Copilot. When you have referred enough users to earn free months, you will see a prompt on this chart showing REDEEM IT.

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