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Crypto Support with Copilot
Crypto Support with Copilot

Options for cryptocurrency support with Copilot

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You can track your cryptocurrency in several different ways in Copilot.

Please note: Copilot does not show holdings with less than 1 cent in value in cryptocurrency accounts.

Tracking for Crypto Exchanges

Copilot supports integrations for the following crypto exchanges. For some of these exchanges, we provide information on how to retrieve API key information necessary to connect. If applicable, these instructions are linked below.

Crypto Addresses for Bitcoin and Ethereum

The Crypto Addresses feature allows users to add Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to Copilot for automatic tracking. To check if an address works with this feature, you can enter it at the following sites.



If these sites donโ€™t return an accurate view of your holdings, then this feature does not support your address. If these sites do return your holdings, you can learn how to set-up this connection here.

Bitcoin Extended Public Key

Bitcoin Extended Public Key tracking allows users to track their Bitcoin holdings if their hardware wallet (and some application wallets) uses a mechanism called Extended Public key (xPub) to generate bitcoin addresses on the fly for receiving BTC. While xPub adds privacy, it also makes it harder to track BTC associated with a user.

If you use Ledger or Trezor, we have walkthroughs linked here for retrieving your public key. If you use another hardware wallet service and are unable to find external instructions for retrieving this key, you can contact us via the in-app chat.

Manual Holding Tracking

If you cannot track your crypto holdings using any of the methods above, we recommend using a manual account to enter your crypto holdings and automatically see the near-real time value. You can learn more here.

Plaid Support for Crypto

Plaid now supports integrations for some crypto exchanges. You can check to see if they support your exchange by searching for it in the Plaid link search.

๐Ÿ‘‹ Still have questions? Contact us via the in-app chat.

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