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Gemini API Key Instructions
Gemini API Key Instructions

Steps for connecting your Gemini account with an API Key.

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Copilot now allows you to connect your Gemini account with an API key.

DISCLAIMER: The Gemini website screenshots below may become outdated, but the general instructions for creating a read-only API Key should not change substantially. Please contact Gemini Support if you have any questions about API Key Creation.

API Key Creation

  • Login to your Gemini account on your mobile web browser.

  • Open the menu in the upper right corner, select the Account dropdown and then select API.

  • Select Create API Key, and enter your 2FA code, if enabled.

  • For Scope, choose Primary and select Next.

  • Enter an API Key Name.

  • Under API Settings, enable Auditor only.

    • The API restrictions default to Can Read only.

    • DO NOT enable Fund Management or Trading. Copilot only requires read access. For your security and the integrity of your Gemini account, BE SURE NOT TO enable Fund Management or Trading.

  • Copy and save your Secret Key in a secure location. The Secret Key will not be available to view again.

  • Accept the API Secret Acknowledgement and select Create API Key.

Account Connection

  • To connect your Gemini account, select add > next to the Investments section of the Accounts tab, then Link an institution and More Crypto Exchanges. Select Gemini and Continue.

  • Acknowledge that you have followed the read-only API key instructions in this article.

  • Then enter the new read-only API Key and Secret to connect Gemini.

Please note: If you have holdings in Gemini's Earn program, you will see a separate account with Earn holdings.

πŸ‘‹ Still have questions? Contact us via the in-app chat.

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