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Mapping Mint Accounts
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Quick Tips Before Getting Started:

  • The app is processing a lot of data in this step, so please be patient! It may take a few minutes to finish process your transactions.

  • If you complete all the steps to import the data and you notice that when you’re inside the app you’re missing some historical data, try clearing the app’s cache through the settings menu. This makes the app re-sync all of the imported data.

  • If you have access to a Mac, our desktop app is also able to import your Mint data.

Mapping Mint Accounts

In the process of importing your transactions from Mint, you’ll need to identify which accounts from the Mint file match which accounts you have connected in Copilot. This allows us to correctly merge the historic Mint data with the connected Copilot version of the account.

You have three options for each Mint account:

  • Mapping the Mint account to an account you’ve connected in Copilot

    Please note: Sometimes Mint exports one bank account as multiple different bank accounts on the CSV. This is fine, as you can map more than one Mint account to the same Copilot account to combine the transaction data.

  • Mapping the Mint account to a manual account (we recommend mapping to a manual account if there isn’t a working connection option for the account's institution at this time, or if the transaction history you'd like to bring in was associated with an account that was recently closed)

  • Excluding the Mint account from the import (we recommend not importing data for really old accounts that have been closed)

You will need to choose one of these three options for each account to proceed.

Since this step is really important in making sure that your Mint transactions are imported correctly, we recommend tapping on the number of transactions below the imported Mint account name in this step to see the transactions imported from Mint for easier identification.

Learn more about the next step of the Mint import process here.

👋 Still have questions? Contact us via the in-app chat.

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