Copilot now allows you to connect your Coinbase Pro account with an API key.

DISCLAIMER: The Coinbase Pro website screenshots below may become outdated, but the general instructions for creating a read-only API Key should not change substantially. Please contact Coinbase Pro Support if you have any questions about API Key Creation.

API Key Creation

  • Login to your Coinbase Pro account in a web browser. Managing API keys is not currently supported on the Coinbase Pro mobile app.

  • Open the profile dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the dashboard, and select API.

  • Select the API Settings tab and then select + New API Key.

  • Enter the following details in Add An API Key:

    • Portfolio name

    • API Key nickname (optional)

    • Permissions: Select View.

      • DO NOT enable the Transfer or Trade permissions. Copilot only requires read access. For your security and the integrity of your Coinbase Pro account, BE SURE NOT TO enable the Transfer and Trade permissions.

  • Passphrase: Copy and save this in a secure location, because it will not be available in My API Keys.

  • Create API Key and confirm with 2FA.

  • The API Secret Key will be displayed. Copy and save this in a secure location, because it will not be available in My API Keys.

  • Select Done to save the new API Key to your profile.

  • Confirm that View is the only Permission listed (i.e., ensure that Transfer and Trade are not listed).

Account Connection

  • To connect your Coinbase Pro account, select add > next to the Investments section of the Accounts tab, then Link an institution. Select Coinbase Pro and Continue.

  • Acknowledge that you have followed the read-only API key instructions in this article.

  • Then enter the new read-only API Key, Secret and Password to connect Coinbase Pro.

👋 Still have questions? Contact us via the in-app chat.

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